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Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. These are just a few testimonials from Judnich Law Office clients. For more, check out our Google reviews.

My name is Arthur Drobny I hired Lucy Hansen of Judnich Law Office for an attorney to represent me in the custody of my 13 year old. She did an outstanding job, very fast, very thorough. I would highly recommend her to anybody with a family law issue . She was very fair with her billing and she did not charge me the typical hour minimum for every phone call and question like any other typical lawyer would do . In my opinion no one could ask for a better attorney. She is highly recommended and I have recommended her to several people already. Thank you again Lucy for all your hard work.”  Art Drobny

I needed help facing a felony charge, in order to save my military career.  Time was short, as I was only home from Afghanistan for two weeks.  With Marty and Vinnie representing me, I was able to return to Afghanistan and complete my tour.  To make a long story short, my felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. Without guidance from the Judnich Law firm, I would not have known the first step of what I needed to do.  From the first time that I walked through their door, until I was able to walk out of the court room, I felt reassured that my case was important to somebody other than just myself.  They all cared; I was not just another file in a tall stack.  I am still serving in the United States Army Reserves thanks to Marty and Vinnie.  I cannot thank them enough, as the outcome was much better than I had hoped for.”    Aric Hilmo

I was in a car accident in 2010 and found Marty through my Chiropractor. He met with me in a timely manner and was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He explained everything to me so I understood and he always returned my phone calls and e-mails quickly. I never had to worry about phone calls from insurance companies or receiving medical bills. I highly recommend Judnich Law Office to everyone!!”   Dorothy Goldbar

Friendly, helpful staff. Both Vinnie and Marty seem very knowledgeable and helped at every possible time. All of the trouble was on the insurance agent’s side. Vinnie and Marty got the best possible settlement we could get and even found more money than I previously expected.” Blair Gemmer

Judnich Law Office represented me and my brother when we were rear-ended in a car accident.  We had to move out of state two weeks after the accident and they did a great job representing us, even though it was long distance.  They did not take the first or second offers from the insurance company.  They negotiated and got us the most they could.  I would recommend them should you need an attorney.” Sharon White

I wasn’t sure if I could trust and afford an attorney in my accident case. I endorse Marty Judnich after he explained everything to me in a way that I understood. I didn’t want to settle cheap and my attorney showed me how the settlement I got was better than I would have settled for on my own.”  Mike B.

Marty really helped me. I couldn’ t work and I had no idea what to do. Marty explained it all to me and I felt so relieved after I talked to him. If you have questions, you have to call him, it is so worth it. “ Dan T.

I really liked that the office kept in touch with me by email. I always knew what was going on, and they explained everything to me when I had questions. If any of my friends get into a car accident I will have them call Marty & Vinnie PPJ

Marty and Vinny were so awesome to work with that I would never go anyplace else! It was a very comfortable environment and they expertly answered every question I had about my case and the cases of my children, they walked me through every step of the process and helped me get the settlement I deserved from the insurance company after my car accident. I would tell anyone looking for a lawyer to call them!”  Christina B.

Marty and Vinnie knew the answers to my questions and really put me at ease. Lots of other law offices were not interested in my case and wouldn’t even meet with me. Judnich Law Office met with me right away and was able to help.” Jen C.

The insurance company finally stopped calling and harassing me after Marty represented me. I couldn’t handle how the insurance company made me feel bad for their mistake. Marty fixed it and got me a good settlement.” Ben T.

“It’s easy to say that Marty is simply an affordable & efficient attorney, but that’s barely scratching the surface. He excels at the legal process, making everything simple to understand, while weighing the best options in each case before proceeding. I was always kept up to date with what was happening and once all was said and done, I really felt we had the best possible outcome. I cannot recommend his services enough. ” — Mike R.

“I came into Judnich Law Office frustrated after settling my claim before I knew I was badly hurt. Marty was able to reopen my claim and get me the settlement I deserved. I was very lucky to discover the Judnich Law Office, and hope everyone else does.” — Jennifer B.

“I found Marty Judnich to be a knowledgeable and honest lawyer. He never promised anything he could not deliver but deliver he did. I felt that he was always working for and with me. I would never hesitate to call on him at any time.” — Beth H.

“I was so frustrated with the insurance adjuster I was almost ready to give up. It was someone else’s fault that I was hurt, but the adjuster made me feel like the bad guy. Marty was great and I couldn’t believe I didn’t come to him earlier because it would have saved me a lot of time and anger. Plus, I was happy with my settlement.” — Vicky R.

“Marty took my case when I thought no one else would and got me the best possible outcome. He did what I thought was the impossible and kept me out of jail.” – Eddie Jones

“Judnich Law Office actually returned my calls and did what I had expected of them. There is really nothing else to say, I didn’t want any more than that. I’d recommend them.” — John B.

“Judnich Law was committed to getting the best possible outcome for my case while maintaining a friendly attitude from beginning to end.” — Jennifer M.

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