Archery Agency and Contract Negotiation

Marty Judnich, Esq., of the Judnich Law Office offers specialized services of contract negotiation, review and acquisition for professional archers.

Why does a professional archer need an attorney to review their contracts?

For the same reason, you need a surgeon to operate on you – expertise and experience. Attorneys earn their living negotiating with large companies and are able to obtain more compensation for people, than a non-attorney can.

Who’s Looking Out For Your Interests?

Corporations are in the business of making money, not giving it away. Professional endorsement and appearance contracts are often drafted by these corporations and are expected to simply be signed by the professional athletes they offer them to. However, often these contracts are missing terms that advantage the professional athlete and place complicated legal terms into contracts that a non-lawyer may not realize.

The athlete is helping the company make money, so the athlete should be held in the highest regard. Lastly, the athlete is in a weaker position to negotiate monetarily without an attorney that speaks the same negotiation and legal language as the corporation.

Marty Judnich is the Answer

Marty Judnich offers services that advantage a professional athlete above those of the average agent. Marty does not seek percentages of total gross income of an athlete like an agent would, but instead only requires a fee for specific contracts the athlete wants negotiated for them. This way, the athlete is free to only bring select contracts to negotiate, and is not forced to spend significant portions of their total income for only reviewing select contracts.

Marty is a competitive archer himself and understands the complexities of the professional archer industry. This familiarity with the corporate sponsors, the value of the athletes and background in contract negotiations makes Marty the perfect choice to help the professional archer maximize their endorsement value and protect themselves in contract negotiations.

Are You a Professional Archer?

If you are a professional archer and are interested in having an experienced attorney with knowledge of the archery industry on your side, please contact Marty Judnich for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options.