Filing a Claim? Here’s How to Make an Auto Insurance Company Work for You

Have you been in a car accident in Montana? Are you sick and tired of dealing with incompetent or frustrating insurance companies. You’re not alone. Auto insurance companies in Montana are notorious for handling injury claims in a predictable manner. Here’s what happens…

In the beginning, they listen, they make you feel good, and they pay some bills. Then, they stop listening, they stop communicating with you, and they stop paying bills. You get frustrated at not being able to communicate effectively.

Now, the insurance company hopes you do 1 of 2 terrible things:

  1. Stop seeking medical treatment because you think you are responsible for the bills – instead of them.
  2. You abandon your claim out of frustration and anger.

If you choose one of these options, it’s a win/win situation for the insurance company.

If you stop obtaining reasonable and necessary medical care because you are worried the insurance company won’t pay for it, then the insurer will use that against you to lower the value of the claim they owe you.

This is a very natural feeling that is very common. But it is completely unfair to the not at fault injured party.


What option do you have?

Obviously if you abandon your claim, they don’t have to pay out what you deserve, so frustration is a key to their success.

So, how do you make them work for you and be fair?

The answer is to hire an experienced injury attorney to force the insurance company to work for you.


Did You Know:

In the insurance industry, there are claims adjusters who handle only cases where a lawyer is involved. Other adjusters only handle cases where there is no attorney.

Can you guess why?

Adjusters who work with attorneys know the attorney knows the law and will force them to treat you fairly. This is not how the insurance company will act if an attorney isn’t involved.


How can an attorney help?

Here’s how the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Judnich Law Office can help you:

  1. Making sure you receive the necessary and reasonable medical care you deserve.
  2. Guiding you through the process of being evaluated and treated. We’ve been here before and we know what kind of help you need.
  3. Helping you find the right doctors to provide the care you need to feel your best.
  4. Ensuring bills are not just paid, but paid in a timely fashion. Montana has very specific laws requiring the at fault insurance company to pay all related medical bills.
  5. Protecting your credit and keeping you out of collections from an injury that was not your fault.
  6. Handling all of the complicated insurance issues and allowing you to recover with less stress. Stress absolutely causes a delay in injury recovery time and could lead to increased suffering. Having an attorney handling the majority of the stressful situations can really aid in healing.

Most of all, we will help you obtain a larger settlement ($$$) from the insurance company than you could negotiate on your own.


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