Medical Payments Coverage or Med Pay

The single biggest learning experience and regret that the majority of my personal injury clients have is either not having any, or not enough Medical Payment Insurance Coverage, or Med Pay. Med Pay is a … Read More

Do I Actually Need an Attorney?

Most people wonder if they actually need an attorney or not. There are always going to be some reservations of whether you can handle something on your own, or hire a professional to help you … Read More

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Passengers Hurt In Auto Accidents

If someone you know or love has been injured as a passenger in a vehicle collision, there are many things that they need to know if they want to maximize their insurance settlement. As a … Read More

DUI and Your Driver’s License

In Montana, you will suffer some consequences if you are pulled over for a DUI. If you are pulled over and you refuse to either of two different breath tests, you will have your license … Read More

Negligent Homicide

Homicide cases are always tragic and always complicated when auto collisions become fatal. Over the past few months our office has come to know Jacob Thielbar, who has been charged with Vehicular Homicide while under … Read More

Who Pays Your Medical Bills?

One of the biggest misconceptions that we often deal with is what insurance company will be paying for medical bills when an accident is not your fault. In a perfect world, the company that insures … Read More

Refusing a Breath Test Is a Crime?

In the state of Montana, every registered driver has given their implied consent to take a breath test by reason of receiving a driver’s license. However, even with implied consent, every citizen maintains a constitutional … Read More