Montana Primary Seatbelt Law

Montana legislators are currently deciding whether to pass a bill that makes not wearing a seat belt an offense that law enforcement can stop a vehicle for. This is called a “primary” law, as seat … Read More

Negligent Death Cases

One of the most emotional and tragic claims that exist are negligent death cases. This is what a claim is called when a person is killed due to the negligence of another person. Typically, it … Read More

Missoula Jury Acquits Man on Pot Charge

December, 2010 – A Missoula jury of 12 people in State District Court acquitted a man accused of marijuana possession and distribution in a clear case of jury nullification. Jury Nullification is where a jury … Read More

To Blow or Not to Blow in DUI’s

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is my legal advice on whether someone that has been pulled over for a DUI should provide a breath sample or not. This issue is becoming … Read More

Med Pay Insurance Facts

The single biggest learning experience and regret that the majority of my personal injury clients have is either not having any, or not enough Medical Payment Insurance Coverage, or Med Pay. Med Pay is a … Read More