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Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. These are just a few testimonials from Judnich Law Office clients. For more, check out our Google reviews.

testimonial “Marty was my attorney for a DUI, reckless driving, and refusing a breathalyzer test. I was impressed that he always answered my phone calls, and emails promptly. He made me feel that my case was of utmost importance to him, though I was aware that he had many other clients. He listened to my needs and concerns. My main priority was to get my driving privileges restored, and he was able to accomplish this need by meeting with the prosecutor within days of my request. Marty is very knowledgeable, and very up to date with the intricacies of the law. My DUI charge was reduced, and the reckless driving charge was dropped. He was able to arrange the minimum penalties for my reduced charge. Mr. Judnich is well respected in the legal community, and this is a great asset for his clients. I do not hesitate to give Martin Judnich my highest recommendation. He is truly Missoula’s best.”
 Sue McCay

testimonial “Words can not even begin to describe the wonderful experience I’ve had with Marty and his team. This last half of a year had been really difficult for me and I could not have asked for someone better to be by my side and help me through. Marty has represented me in a state case as well as Federal and both came to great conclusions. Marty and his team went above and beyond for me, and were always willing and able to offer a helping hand no matter how small or big. Marty was able to explain things to me in a way I could always understand and always available to answer any questions I had. But most importantly Marty always treated me as a person, he made me feel like everything would be ok. I highly recommend Marty and his team you will not be disappointed.”
Trittnie Rogers

Ashley is such an excellent lawyer. She is on top of things, knowledgeable, and puts her heart into her work. You can breathe knowing she has your back. Our case is complicated and she didn't turn us away. Instead she dove in, did the work, and proved her worth. She can handle attornies when they try to bully or use intimidation tactics. She handles it in such a way that she doesn't let it throw her off track in or out of the courtroom (classy). She also takes the time to help explain things when you have questions and is open to any input that you may have or needs you express. To sum it up, she's amazing!
Billee Reis

I received amazing services from this law office. Misty G. went above and beyond when it came to my case. Great representation and great customer service by the entire office. I would highly recommend Misty to anyone. Thank you so much for all of your help, kindness legal knowledge and professionalism!!
Craig Snyder

“Misty was hands down AMAZING during my divorce and protection order process. She was professional, straight forward, empathetic, and knowledgeable. She was always quick to respond when I had a question or needed her and never once made me feel like I was bothering her. Receptionist Kerry is great too!!! I would highly recommend Judnich Law Office to anyone needing legal help.”

Alesha St. Clair.

“Judnich Law Office has been a life saver for me by getting the truth out and delivering it in a way that did not use excessive amounts of money and getting my case dismissed.
I highly recommend this Law firm to get the right tings done.
Thank You Very Much”
Daryl Smith

"I highly recommend the services at Judnich Law offices. I would like to thank Kerry, as she was kind when I called and even remembered specific details about me, which felt like quite a personal touch. The real standout for me though was my attorney Nathan. From first contact he was; professional, honest, diligent and straightforward. It was such a relief to have him on my side throughout every aspect. On top of that, he really delivered an outstanding result. If you’re on the fence about hiring an attorney don’t second guess it, these guys are worth every penny.."  Natalia Urtiaga

"I had a great experience working with the Office during my case. They handled everything with professionalism and courtesy, and I couldn't be more grateful for the hard work he put forth in my defense. He is incredibly thorough, and clearly explains all aspects of your situation to give you the most transparent view of your case, and I truly appreciated that. They are very efficient and doesn't miss a detail when it comes to your defense. I would highly recommend the Judnich Law Office to anyone who is looking for a truly caring & professional attorney!."    Molly C

"I needed assistance with an expungement. I knew I had a good case, but I was very nervous about trusting my future and the future of my family to a law firm so I took some time to read several reviews and asked some family and friends. From the very first communication, Marty and Brandi were professional, honest, and provided me the legal advice and feedback that I needed. It was obvious from the beginning that this firm had handled many cases similar to mine, and they spoke from a comprehensive understanding of the law, knowledge of the Montana court system, and practical experience. This firm was so responsive to each communication and I rarely had to wait more than a day to hear back from them. I felt like I was a valued client all the way through the process. They took care of all of the document preparation, submission, and communications with the court. I am happy to report the judge did grant the order for expungement. I have no doubt the professionalism, experience, and knowledge of Judnich Law Office played a large part in winning my expungement case." Michael Hoffman

"Eric is the guy you want on your side when faced with a difficult situation. I've had the opportunity to see him in action on numerous occasions. He is dedicated to his cause, and he is always striving to be the best at his practice. He's calm under pressure, and he is quick on his feet--which is exactly what you need in an excellent lawyer. Most importantly, he gives candid, honest, and well-reasoned advice on the options available. Having him on your case immediately increases your chances of a more favorable outcome. Hire this guy. He will not disappoint.." Ben White

"Marty really helped me. I couldn' t work and I had no idea what to do. Marty explained it all to me and I felt so relieved after I talked to him. If you have questions, you have to call him, it is so worth it. " Dan T.

"I was arrested for a life altering event that could have resulted in the loss of my job and possibly my family. The Judnich Law Office agreed to take my case; they showed exceptional compassion, understanding and empathy when communicating with me. He put me at ease, I put my faith and trust in him and he delivered big time. I now consider him a friend and would refer him to anyone that needs either civil or criminal defense. It made a big difference in rescuing me from a honest mistake that I made. They always treated me with respect. He is a man of his word and honor." Troy K.

"Marty and the Team were so awesome to work with for my personal injury case that I would never go anyplace else! It was a very comfortable environment and they expertly answered every question I had about my case and the cases of my children, they walked me through every step of the process and helped me get the settlement I deserved from the insurance company after my car accident. I would tell anyone looking for a lawyer to call them!"  Christina B.

"Marty and Vinnie knew the answers to my questions and really put me at ease. Lots of other law offices were not interested in my case and wouldn't even meet with me. Judnich Law Office met with me right away and was able to help." Jen C.

"The insurance company finally stopped calling and harassing me after Marty represented me. I couldn't handle how the insurance company made me feel bad for their mistake. Marty fixed it and got me a good settlement." Ben T.

"It's easy to say that Marty is simply an affordable & efficient attorney, but that's barely scratching the surface. He excels at the legal process, making everything simple to understand, while weighing the best options in each case before proceeding. I was always kept up to date with what was happening and once all was said and done, I really felt we had the best possible outcome. I cannot recommend his services enough. " — Mike R.

"I came into Judnich Law Office frustrated after settling my claim before I knew I was badly hurt. Marty was able to reopen my claim and get me the settlement I deserved. I was very lucky to discover the Judnich Law Office, and hope everyone else does." — Jennifer B.

"I found Marty Judnich to be a knowledgeable and honest lawyer. He never promised anything he could not deliver but deliver he did. I felt that he was always working for and with me. I would never hesitate to call on him at any time." — Beth H.

"I was so frustrated with the insurance adjuster I was almost ready to give up. It was someone else’s fault that I was hurt, but the adjuster made me feel like the bad guy. Marty was great and I couldn’t believe I didn’t come to him earlier because it would have saved me a lot of time and anger. Plus, I was happy with my settlement." — Vicky R.

"Marty took my case when I thought no one else would and got me the best possible outcome. He did what I thought was the impossible and kept me out of jail." - Eddie Jones

"Judnich Law Office actually returned my calls and did what I had expected of them. There is really nothing else to say, I didn’t want any more than that. I’d recommend them." — John B.

"Judnich Law was committed to getting the best possible outcome for my case while maintaining a friendly attitude from beginning to end." — Jennifer M.

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