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Driving Record Expungement Petition in Montana

Save THOUSANDS on car insurance premiums, pass background checks, and more!


Clear Your Driving Record. Get a Fresh Start.

A successful driving record expungement puts your past transgressions in the rearview mirror. Don’t let speeding tickets, parking offenses, moving violations, and other traffic citations hold you back.

Why do Montanans want to expunge their driving records?

  • Save on car insurance - A clean driving record can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on auto insurance premiums. Your driving record expungement will pay for itself almost immediately.
  • Pass background checks - To get a job that requires driving, you’ll often need to complete a background check. After expunging your driving record, you’ll pass with flying colors — every single time.

Don’t Forget: You only get ONE CHANCE to expunge your driving record in Montana. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Work with the Judnich Law Office to clear your record for a flat fee of $900.

  • Too many tickets on your Montana driver history? 

    Judnich Law can help with that by removing tickets and traffic violations on your driving history. Every possible expungement case is different, so lets talk about your options in a free consultation.

    The process is simple, fast, and effective. It’s a quick and affordable way to get a fresh start. Plus you’ll save big money on car insurance costs!

The Expungement Process: What to Expect

In order to pursue an expungement for traffic offenses in Montana:

  1. You’ll need to get an official copy of your driving record. If you have this already, great! If not, our office will help you request it from the DMV.
  2. We’ll file your petition for expungement. This can be done in 48 hours or less after we’ve received your driving records.
  3. A Montana prosecutor will review your petition and request additional information or object. 
  4. If there are no issues, after a 30-day waiting period is complete, we can complete the petition to clear your driving record.
  5. This process has very specific legal requirements. To do this right you NEED the help of an experienced Montana expungement lawyer. Make a mistake and you’re out of luck FOREVER.

Start to finish the process usually takes 60-90 days for the vast majority of cases.

Ready to Get Moving? 

The first step is to request your driving record.

  1. Visit the Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division website and click “Sign in as a Public User.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Note that there is a $7.37 fee to complete the process.
  3. Make sure to save the electronic file on your computer so we can review it.

If you have trouble completing the process or need help, don’t worry. The Judnich Law Office can walk you through the process for a small fee.

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After Your Expungement

When your expungement is successful, your traffic and driving record will be clear. In addition, all legal records relating to your misdemeanor, including court records, will be sealed or destroyed. 

There will be no trace of speeding tickets, parking violations, or any other misdemeanor traffic offenses.

Ready To Clear Your Record? The Judnich Law Office Can Help.

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You only get one chance to expunge your record. If denied, you can never attempt to expunge it again in the future.

The Montana expungement lawyers at Judnich Law Office have a success rate exceeding 95%.

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