DUI and Your Driver’s License

In Montana, you will suffer some consequences if you are pulled over for a DUI. If you are pulled over and you refuse to either of two different breath tests, you will have your license suspended for 6 months. The only way to have this suspension lifted is to file a Petition in the District Court and prove that you were either pulled over illegally, or that you did not actually refuse the breath test. Short of that and you will lose .

If you are convicted of a DUI in Montana, each different conviction means a greater suspension of driver’s license. For a DUI first offense, your license will be suspended, but you will have the opportunity to apply for a probationary permit, that allows for essential driving. With DUI second and subsequent convictions, your license is suspended for longer periods of time, and there is no probationary permit to allow you to drive. So, the more convictions you receive, the greater the suspension, and typically the longer you will lose that privilege.