Do You Have an Emergency Kit In Your Vehicle?

Having some emergency items in your vehicle should be a granted, but not many people do it. So, what should be in such a kit? You could always go overboard and have a ton of stuff, but some basics are a great start. Try to have the following items in your car:

A Flashlight
A blanket
A disposable camera
A paper notepad & pen
road flares
A map of the state
A fire-starting device
jumper cables
a few bungee cords
bottled water

This stuff will cover some basics for most emergencies you would run into in a vehicle. Most of these items are self explanatory for their purpose. The disposable camera is in the case you are involved in a crash. It is amazing how few people take pictures after a crash, even with cell phone cameras. If you have a disposable one in your car, you can take many pictures and they should turn out fairly well. Give this stuff a try and see if it saves you some day.