Why Family Law Matters So Much

“From the moment you were born, you became the sun to my planet.”

I am a mother first, and an attorney second. I have shared my personal story that includes a painful divorce, the difficult decision to leave a relationship, and raise my son in a two household family. While this is not on my list of professional accomplishments, I can tell you that if I was not a mother, and had I not gone through personal difficulty, I could not be the family law practitioner that I am today.

I recently took a mother-son vacation with my 12-year-old son. He is at that age where he is on the cusp of becoming a teenager. He still seems small sometimes, and at other times, he is growing beyond my grasp. I am grateful we had that time together. One night he told me “you are the best mom!” I asked him “Why?” He told me, “Because you are always worried that me and my sister are happy and you will do anything to make us happy and feel loved.” 

That is the greatest compliment I have ever received. 

I am grateful that my dedication to my children is something they realize and feel. It is true. Like most parents, I would sacrifice anything for my kids and their wellbeing and happiness. 


Why I’m passionate about every case I take

Children do not have a say in being born and do not have a choice as to which family they are born into. Having children is such a personal sacrifice, and like so many difficult jobs, they bring the greatest rewards you can imagine. I would be absolutely lost without my son and daughter. And I know that other parents join in these sentiments.

I represent both mothers and fathers on a near equal basis. I am not “pro-Mom” or “pro-Dad.” I know that fathers can be as active in their child’s upbringing as mothers. My son’s father is a prime example of that. I know the benefit of having two parents that work together for the betterment of their child. I also know that not all parents are as lucky as I am and that sometimes co-parenting can be impossible. 

I also know that all of my clients feel that their children are the sun to their planets. That is what makes my job so rewarding. I feel that I have a personal stake in every case I take on. I understand what is at stake when parents are standing on the cliff of leaving a “nuclear family” and splitting one household into two. I understand the stress and strain of living in impossible circumstances and deciding that you and your children deserve peace.

I will never diminish a client’s feelings, whether they are just beginning the process of dissolving a relationship and determining where their child will spend time, or if a client is in a never-ending battle to achieve consistency and stability for their children. 

I am a mother first, and an attorney second. The role is really one and the same for me. I am grateful for my experiences, and my opportunity to help other parents.


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