Family Law and Personal Service

Why Family Law Matters by Lucy Hansen


I’ve had many people, lawyers and clients, over the years, ask me “why family law?” There are many people who view family law as a low rung on the ladder of legal issues to master.  Many attorneys only take family law cases because they “have to” to pay their bills.  Many other new lawyers start with family law cases, as a way to build their practice, and then move on to other areas of the law.  Not me.  For the past twelve years I have dedicated my practice to family law and child welfare practice.  Not because I had to, but because I am fundamentally interested in using my knowledge and skill as an attorney, to help people during some of the worst times in their lives.


The ending of a marriage, the breakup of a family, and the fear of losing the care and custody of your children are some of the worst times in a person’s life.  Protecting client’s interests and advocating for their needs while they are facing difficult life changes, is rewarding to me.  I get to know my clients, their fears, and their wishes for the future.  I value my relationships with clients and achieving the best possible outcome for their lives.  I am also a mother, and I know first-hand, what is at stake in a family law case.

Family law encompasses a wide array of complex issues.  I am here to assist in any of the following areas, and more: annulment, divorce/dissolution of marriage, legal separation, domestic disputes, restraining orders/orders of protection, prenuptial agreements, child custody/parenting, paternity, adoption, legal name changes, legal guardianship, grandparents’ rights, step-parent adoptions, Guardian ad Litem investigations and reports, and representing individuals in state child custody cases (Department of Family Services).

In the coming weeks, I will address each of these areas in more detail, and how I can assist you in obtaining your best possible outcome in these life matters.