Free Auto/Motorcycle Insurance Consultation

For the month of September, I am going to offer anyone who emails me a free consultation and analysis of your automobile or motorcycle insurance policy. I will detail for you what coverages you have, what they actually cover, and what you do not have, and maybe what you should consider purchasing. This is simply to protect you and your family. You pay the money every month, shouldn’t you know what you are actually buying. Insurance policies are confusing, and most people just want to make sure they are covering themself as far as the law goes. However, if you want to protect yourself financially from an accident (the entire purpose of insurance) then you may want this free help.

All you need to do is email me. If you can attach a PDF or types out version of what is called your “declarations sheet” or “dec sheet” I can help you. If you call your agent and ask them to email you a PDF of it and forward it to me, they should do that for free, and you will get great free legal advise quickly. I’m looking forward to discussing your coverages with you. You can find my contact info in the blog, or just email me at: