Should You Get a Lawyer For a Car Accident?

People contact my office wondering if they should get a lawyer or not to help them settle car injury claims. The reality is that attorneys can and will get you a larger in pocket settlement than if you tried to pursue it on your own. Yes, you pay attorneys a percentage of your settlement, usually a third of it. However, what you receive in return is much more than what it costs you. An attorney negotiates for a living, that is how we make money and survive. In order to survive you have to get good at it.

Also, attorneys know the actual value of your particular claim. You are probably not going to get rich by settling a personal injury claim, but the dollar figure you do settle for matters, and attorneys maximize that number. Endless research goes into determining how much each claim is worth. A non attorney simply does not know that information, and will likely be bullied by the insurance company that does know that information. Beyond money, there are other advantages to obtaining an attorney. Stress relief is one of the most important benefits you receive. Dealing with insurance adjusters who are paid to frustrate people without attorneys creates stress.

Yes, they TRY to frustrate you. If you get frustrated and end up giving up on your claim, they make money. When an attorney represents you, an adjuster cannot call you, and you are left with much less stress. This lessening of stress also allows your body to physically heal quicker and better. Stress does prohibit your body from feeling better and healing. So, you are making yourself feel better and get healthy quicker by hiring an attorney. Maximizing your settlement amount, ensuring you get the proper medical treatment, looking out for mistakes you could be making in a claim, and lessening your stress are just some of the great benefits you receive by hiring an attorney to help you. Most consultations are free, so you lose nothing by calling an attorney and simply talking with them. Usually, you will feel so protected and comfortable for seeing an attorney you will wonder why you never did it before.

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