Investing in private DUI defense attorneys #MissoulaDUI

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How much does it cost to hire The Judnich Law Office for a DUI defense case? #MissoulaDUI






At the Judnich Law Office, we take a team approach to all legal matters. That means you have several sets of professional eyeballs on your case ensuring everything gets done the right way, the first time. Check out our Meet the Team page to find specific backgrounds for all of our staff, but Nathan Hulling and Martin Judnich have the most experience and training specifically for DUI defense than any other Missoula defense attorneys.


Marty’s background started in prosecuting scores of DUI cases as a Deputy County Attorney in Great Falls, Montana. After that experience, Marty focused his practice on defending criminal cases and has been defending hundreds of DUI cases with great success. Marty has been voted the “Best Lawyer” in Missoula several times, taken countless cases to trial, cross examined most, if not all local police officers.  The entire staff at the Judnich Law Office are extremely experienced as DUI Attorneys in Missoula and Bozeman as well as the rest of the state. All of our attorneys regularly attend very specific and specialized DUI defense training around the country that focuses on subjects like trial advocacy, breath tests machine problems, blood testing issues, just to name a few.  This training and experience specifically in DUI defense is a night and day difference between the Judnich Law Office DUI defense team, and just another attorney that will accept a DUI case, as well as lots of other cases. As is always the case, when you focus on one thing and do it well, you usually do a much better job at that 1 thing, than trying to be pretty good at lots of different things.

We are constantly asked why private criminal defense costs so much for a DUI offense, typically thousands of dollars. The answers are pretty simple:
Private DUI defense is costly because we are devoting time to your case, and only your case. We show up to several court appearances with you and make sure you know what to do, before you show up. In order to effectively handle a DUI case, you need to have years of experience learning the sciences of the Intoxilyzer, know the protocols on how officers instruct and perform breath tests and standardized field sobriety testing, and know what makes a fuel cell work and also error in a PBT. The knowledge of blood testing and alcohol and drug testing of the blood is a a vast and complicated area of law, and we constantly obtain expensive and exhaustive training on these issues – just for our clients benefit.  The list goes on and on, in addition to having respectful and professional relationships with prosecutors and judges. The “cheaper” attorney down the street usually doesn’t bring that type of experience, training and background to a case to help you. That’s why they are cheap. DUI’s are difficult cases to handle, take a lot of time, and when we spend our time on your case, that takes money – but its well worth it.

We don’t compete with cut rate, discount or flat fee attorneys. We don’t discount our experience and results. If you cannot afford our services, we understand and that is unfortunate. But a good defense in your case and future is an investment, not just finding the cheapest representation you can find. Why not go to a huge big firm? You may have the opportunity to meet one of the big guys at the “big firm” for your initial consultation. But, be assured that the big guy attorney will not be handling your case from day to day. If you place a call or an email to that big guy, do you get a response from him, or a first year associate attorney they just hired? Chances are, you will be communicating with the associate, because they are the ones that are actually handling your case. That doesn’t happen at the Judnich Law Office. Our team approach means you will meet your entire team, and we all work on your case together. We always respond to client inquiries and return phone calls.
If you want the best possible defense to try to explore all the opportunities to get an acceptable resolution to your DUI charge, call us for a free, no obligation consultation. Let us show you what an investment into your future can mean, and why we are different from the discount and big firm guys. You can reach us at (406) 721-3354 or toll free at (855) 853-1482. We practice throughout the State of Montana and also accept cases in the State of Washington.