Johnson accuser testifies about facts of night in question

Jordan Johnson’s accuser testified on cross examination that the two had kissed several times over the course of a year or so, but were not dating. On the night in question, the two were kissing on her bed at her residence. The accuser was on top of Johnson and nibbling his ear while watching a movie. Both started to “sexually gyrate” back and forth with their clothes on. Johnson then took off her shirt, and she took his shirt off. The accuser then says that she said no to further sexual advances, and eventually intercourse. Later the accuser admitted that she has stated that she wanted to have consensual sex with Johnson on some other night, just not that night.  The accuser admitted on the stand that she could have been “more clear” about saying no that night, but maintains that she did tell Johnson no to sex and eventually had to just “give up” to his advances.