Jordan Graham trial continues – interviews show inconsistencies in her story

Kalispell newlywed bride Jordan Graham’s murder trial accusing her of killing her husband Cody Johnson in Glacier National Park continued today. Prosecutors have been calling law enforcement officials connected with the investigation into the missing person’s report of Johnson.  Videotaped interviews with law enforcement and Jordan Graham were played before the jury and courtroom that appear to contain inconsistencies and untruths in Graham’s initial interviews.  Prior to Johnson’s body being discovered, in early July Graham was interviewed several times by law enforcement. On the videotaped interviews Graham advised that she did not know where her husband was, and alluded to him likely having left with out of state friends. Graham stated in the videos that she had no idea where her new husband was – days after she is alleged to have pushed him off a cliff in Glacier National Park to his death. Graham further stated that they had not been fighting in any significant way and that she had no other information to assist law enforcement with his whereabouts.  Despite law enforcement stating to Graham that they believed she was not telling them the whole truth, Graham failed to advise law enforcement that the two had been at Glacier National Park, nor that they had an argument, nor that she had any knowledge of what happened to Johnson, or his current location. Instead, Graham was advising law enforcement that she believed he was still alive and likely just missing with his friends. Graham suggested up to four different scenic locations that the two would frequent, and that law enforcement should look there. Glacier National Park was not in that list. Graham also stated that Johnson had a Glacier park pass in his wallet, so she would not have gone there near the time of his disappearance.  Testimony will continue this week.