Jordan Graham trial update 12/10/13

Prosecution witnesses continued this afternoon. Friends of the couple took the stand recalling the day of July 11, 2013. That day Jordan Graham passed out missing person flyers and then took several people to an exact location in Glacier National Park called the “Loop”. This area has a parking area and a large stone wall that protects motorists and pedestrians from a steep and long cliff on the other side. Graham took several people to this exact spot and told them that she “had a feeling Cody was there.”  Graham climbed down a dangerous area past the rock wall and looked around the area, and initially could not find anything. Graham tossed rocks down below the cliff in an attempt to determine how far below solid ground was.  Moving around the area to a different ledge led Graham to see a body below in the ravine. Graham immediately told others that she had found Cody, despite the remains being quite far away at the bottom being unidentifiable at the time.  When later asked by law enforcement how Graham had gone to such a specific location in Glacier Park, she told them that it was a place that Cody Johnson  wanted to see before he died.  Law enforcement waited until the next morning to investigate and retrieve the remains. One of Cody’s shoes and a sock were discovered on the cliff above his body, another shoe discovered downstream from his remains.  Investigators had a difficult time getting to the area, but once there discovered the remains of Cody Johnson, lifeless resting face down in a pool of water.  Witnesses described Graham as not crying following her discovery of the remains.