Justin Barber sentenced for killing two in Hillview crash in Missoula

Justin Barber will hopefully never have another drink of alcohol or abuse drugs. If he does so in the next 45 years, he will be going to prison. District Court Judge Ed McLean Sentenced Barber to a 45 year suspended sentence with five of those years to be served in the Montana Department of Corrections. Essentially Barber will be released to felony probation once he completes drug and crime courses within the D.O.C. Barber’s sentence is a result of a 92 mile per hour crash that occurred on a sharp turn on Missoula’s Hillview Way last year. The speed limit for this section of residential road was 25 miles per hour.  Barber was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time, when his vehicle crashed, killing Jason McDonald (20) and Joshua Grueblee (18).