Meet Misty Gaubatz, Attorney at Judnich Law Office

Marty Judnich here to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Misty Gaubatz. We’re really excited to have her here at the Judnich Law Office and can’t wait for our clients to meet her, too!


Where are you from and how’d you end up here in Missoula?

I was born in California, but Montana is my home. I have lived here longer than I’ve lived anyplace else, and I wouldn’t dream of leaving.

After falling in love with the quiet beauty of Montana and the kindness of its people, I knew I wanted to live here. On a leap of faith, I loaded up the car and drove my family and our pets (including a poor goldfish in a thermos) to Missoula where we instantly knew we had found our home.


What is it about Montana that’s so special to you?

The great outdoors!

I love spending time with my family enjoying the outdoors. My spouse and I have a beautiful little boy who shows us the wonders of the world.

Camping, hiking, and gardening are the ways I love to spend the summer. I also enjoy music and am a regular member of the Missoula Community Concert Band in which I play French Horn.


How’d you get interested in the idea of becoming a lawyer?

After working in law firms for over a decade, I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. My years as a paralegal helped develop my passion for working closely with clients. I enjoy helping clients develop their truths and stories into real solutions for their complex problems. 

My undergraduate degree is in English Literature with an American History minor from San Francisco State University. I am attending law school at the University of Montana from where I will graduate in May of 2020. 


What keeps you interested in the law?

Every client is unique, and every case is different. The variety keeps me interested and motivates me to keep learning every day.


What are you most excited about working here at the Judnich Law Office?

This firm prioritizes continuing education for its lawyers to ensure we are up to date with current law. I’m impressed with the down-to-earth professionalism the attorneys and staff present. I think clients will feel at home working with us.

Marty has emphasized that although I’m finishing up with law school, my education is far from over.

I’m ready to build upon my knowledge and experience so that I can be as effective as possible for my clients, standing up for them, and helping to move things in their interest.

I’m excited to learn everything I can. 


What mistakes do people make when it comes to choosing a lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer to help work through a tough situation is a difficult decision. People might be inclined to choose a firm based upon a quick internet search because they are unsure how else to choose a firm. 

But it’s important for people to choose a firm where they feel comfortable. 

From the moment a client walks into the door, they should feel welcomed. Working with an attorney should help to put your mind a little at ease so you can move forward with your life while a dedicated advocate works on your toughest issues.


What are the biggest myths about criminal defense law?

One of the biggest myths of criminal defense is that only “bad guys” get arrested or go to jail. 

That’s far from true.

Anyone can make a mistake and find themselves in need of an advocate to help them navigate the complex steps of our court system. And when they do, it is important to choose an experienced firm with attorneys who are ready to show up and stand with you in court to make sure your rights are represented.

Another myth some people might believe is that they have to handle their legal problems alone. Issues presented by a marital separation, injury, or criminal charge can feel overwhelming and insurmountable. I think some people may be reluctant to seek legal advice because they might believe it’s too expensive or too embarrassing. 

The truth is most people can probably afford some legal help, and there’s nothing embarrassing about standing up for yourself. 

Working with a lawyer can be a real stress reducer because you’ll have someone there to help you overcome hardship and move on with your life.


What’s your #1 piece of advice for someone who thinks they might need a lawyer?

The sooner you make an appointment to speak with an attorney the better. 

It doesn’t have to be an intimidating process, and you may find out the solutions to your problems are within your reach.


Why should clients come to see you, Marty, and the rest of the team at Judnich Law Office?

The Judnich Law Office is home to experienced attorneys who practice in the areas of law that people are most affected by. Whether its help with a ticket, a family law issue, or an injury, there is help to be found here.

Clients don’t have to face these issues alone, and they don’t have to seek out attorneys from different offices for help with their different problems. They can come to us where they will meet attorneys who are down-to-earth, easy to work with, and ready to put their expertise to the client’s benefit.

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