Missoula Jury Acquits Man on Pot Charge

December, 2010 – A Missoula jury of 12 people in State District Court acquitted a man accused of marijuana possession and distribution in a clear case of jury nullification. Jury Nullification is where a jury intentionally disregards the law and makes their own justice, usually on moral principals. In this case, the jury actually told the judge that they were upset that tax dollars were being spent on a trial over a minimal amount of marijuana.

They returned a not guilty verdict on a possession charge. They were so upset at the charges that they did not even have to decide the distribution charge. This recent case is a clear message to the prosecutors of Montana, that juries do not want their time wasted on marijuana crimes when the State has legalized possession and distribution of marijuana to people with medical cards, and apparently even to those that do not. This is a victory to the criminal defense bar, and it may mean a change in the prosecution tactics in Missoula County and possibly the entire state.

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