Montana Attorney General to get tough on DUI’s in next legislature

Montana’s Attorney General, Tim Fox spoke to the Missoula City Club on Monday and discussed several pressing legal issues in Montana ranging from DUI to human trafficking. Mr. Fox plans on aggressively pursuing DUI offenders during the next legislative session. The Attorney General’s office plans on re-introducing legislation to erase the statute that determines how Montana Judge’s count past DUI convictions. Attorney General Fox intends to support legislation that will allow courts to consider any DUI conviction for the life of a person to consider in sentencing. Currently, Montana law only allows courts to look back 10 years if less than three exist in that time span. It is only upon the being arrested for a DUI 4th or subsequent offense that courts can look back to a person’s entire lifetime in Montana. The 10 year look-back was just recently adopted in the 2013 Montana Legislature, and that period had been 5 years previously.