Potential jurors are narrowed down today in Jordan Johnson rape trial in Missoula, Montana

Of the original 400 potential jurors that were summoned to appear today for the first day of the Jordan Johnson rape case jury trial, only a small percentage of those are now left. Into the afternoon session of the day one of the State’s prosecuting attorney’s was still questioning a panel of potential jurors in the voir dire process. That prosecuting attorney, Joel Thompson, is a special prosecutor for the Montana Attorney General’s office who was added to the prosecution team to assist the Missoula County Attorney’s Office. The attorneys are asking potential jurors about any biases they may have or pre-conceived ideas they may have about the case or the evidence they would expect to hear in the case.  The judge anticipates that a jury will be selected by the end of the day today or at worst Monday morning, with opening statement by the two sides expected Monday as well.