Violent & ​​Sex Offender Registration Removal in Montana

You may be eligible to have yourself removed from the violent and sexual offenders lists. The lawyers at the Judnich Law Office in Missoula can help.

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Are you registered as a violent/sexual offender?

We can help remove the “Duty to Register.”

In Montana, certain criminal convictions carry with them a condition of sentence by which the offender must register as a violent offender or a sexual offender. 

Unless a successful petition to waive this requirement is granted by the court, the offender must continue to register for the rest of their life. However, Montana law allows some offenders to petition the court for violent/sex offender registration removal.

The Judnich Law Office has successfully petitioned numerous District Courts across the entire state of Montana for the removal of our clients off of both of these registration lists.


Why seek removal from the violent and sexual offenders list?

No need to register again in the future either in Montana or any other state

Easier to move forward with your personal and professional life

Find better housing and no more public disclosure of your address

Fewer worries about your past affecting your future


Violent Offender Registry Removal

In order to be considered for removal from the violent offender registration list, you must:

  • Have registered on a violent offender registry for at least 10 consecutive years, whether in Montana or any other state
  • Have not been convicted of failing to register as a violent offender

That’s it! We can do the rest, and your chances of removal from the Violent Offender Registry Requirement are Excellent

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Sexual Offender Registry Removal

The eligibility requirements for sex offender registration removal get quite complicated and can include:

  • Being designated a tier-status Sexual Offender by the court or a psychosexual evaluation
  • Having been continually registered on any sexual offender registration list for at least 10 consecutive years in any state
  • Completed all required sex offender counseling
  • Having no conviction of failing to register as a sexual offender
  • No subsequent convictions of sexual crimes
  • Certain crimes are excluded from eligibility

Our approach to court petitions in Montana

If you meet the statutory criteria, our office will develop a petition to file before the court that will allow you to no longer be required to register as a sex offender. Once successful, you never have to register ever again. In most cases, this process only takes 3-4 months to complete from beginning to end. 

Each petition is handcrafted for the facts specific to your case to ensure the greatest possible chance of success. In addition, our office handles absolutely everything in the process and will provide you all the paperwork we will need to successfully obtain a court order granting your petition.

Our office also ensures that once a petition is granted, we get that order to the correct government employees for the actual act of removal from the violent/sex offender registry. This is the most important part of all of this and ensures that you never have to register again. We then send you verification that the process was completed. 

When you’re represented by a lawyer from the Judnich Law Office, we work to make sure everything goes smoothly from the very beginning to the very end of the process. 

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Marty Judnich Esq., says,

“I’ve seen too many people try to petition the court on their own and fail — or they choose inexperienced lawyers who don’t know the process and fail. The courts take this very seriously and it must be done correctly to be granted”

We have successfully petitioned many times for our clients to be removed from violent/sex offender registries throughout Montana.

The key is knowing the law and filing the appropriate petition before the court. 

We know how to be successful with these petitions, and we can help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this process cost? Do you offer payment plans?

Our firm charges a flat fee of $6,500 for this entire process. Although we don’t offer payment plans, we do accept credit cards and alternate credit payments.

What information do I need to move forward?

We need your case number, judgment/sentencing documents, documentation of Tier designation status. With that, we can obtain the rest of the information we need for your petition.

Will I go to Court?

Usually no. Most courts complete this process via paperwork only. However, some courts do have a hearing on these petitions. We cannot control what the court requires of us. We have appeared for many hearings as well and are prepared to answer any of the court’s inquiries.

Will the victim of the crime be involved?

The statues require the prosecution office to attempt to locate the victim to see if they would like to provide a statement to the court as to their position on the petition. The opinion of the victim does not necessarily dictate how a petition is determined, but the victim will be heard by the Court if the prosecutor’s office is able to find them and if they are willing to be heard.

What are my chances of success?

If you never file a petition, you will never be relieved of the duty to register. Each case is very different and fact-specific. The answer is that you must present the very best case possible to the court to be successful, and at the Judnich Law Office, that is what we are prepared to do on your behalf.

Ethan Clum DUI Testimonial

“Thanks Judnich Law Office!! Marty represented me and I got the result I was looking for. I’m glad I chose your office. Christy and Marty Kept me informed and there was never a question of what the next step was, or what the next action to take was. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

— Ethan Clum


“Marty was and is a phenomenal lawyer and does an outstanding job working his butt off to get you the best outcome possible! He always kept me up-to-date and informed of what was going on and what to look forward to and how to deal with it! He is outstanding and I extremely recommend using him as your lawyer!”

— Ace H.

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