Persons convicted of a violent or sexual offense often must register on a sexual and/or violent offender registry list in Montana. Failure to keep up the registration requirement can lead to additional felony charges. In addition, housing, employment and other life activities can be problematic for people that must comply with the registry requirement. Some offenders are eligible to become delisted or removed from such registry lists and not be required to register any further in the State of Montana if they Petition the appropriate court. These cases are very fact specific; an in person consultation is required to determine if you are eligible. The Judnich Law Office has been exceptionally successful in achieving delisting of clients from such lists so that they can move on with their lives and not be subject to landlords that discriminate against such persons. Contact us and we can give you a basic run through over the phone, and then schedule a free, no obligation, consultation to determine if you are eligible to file a petition to be removed from the sexual and violent offender registration lists in Montana.