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At the Judnich Law Office, we have the very best and most experienced divorce attorneys in Missoula, MT. Our divorce attorneys and family lawyers can help you during what might be one of the most stressful times of your life.

If you live in Montana and are planning to file for divorce, you need a divorce attorney to represent you and to protect your rights, as well as the rights of your children. We offer the best representation available for very reasonable rates. If you’re interested in learning more about how our divorce attorneys can help you, keep reading– or contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

How Divorce Works in Montana

In the state of Montana, a divorce is legally referred to as a Dissolution of Marriage. While the process is straightforward, no one should ever go it alone. The end of a marriage is a stressful time and you need someone who will fight for your rights.

The Dissolution of Marriage process involves 5 main steps:

1. File a Petition for Legal Separation or Dissolution in District Court. Our attorneys will ensure the paperwork is prepared and filed properly.

2. If you have children with your spouse, you must file a proposed parenting plan to address the care and custody of your children throughout the case and thereafter. Parenting plans can also address child support and insurance issues.

3. Make tough decisions. Unless one party to the case has been a victim of domestic violence, all parties are required to either settle their case or attend mediation and attempt to reach a settlement before a District Court hearing will be scheduled– unless an emergency has been established that would warrant a hearing before further negotiations are attempted. Some cases are contested and others are not. A lawyer can help you negotiate a settlement, including the division of assets and debts, child custody, spousal support, and other contentious issues.

4. Settlement or trial. If a case is settled, the parties will enter into a Marital Property Settlement Agreement. In cases involving children, the parties will also enter into a Stipulated Final Parenting Plan, as well as an agreement on child support. These documents will be filed with the District Court, and the Court will be asked to approve the documents which does not require a hearing. If the parties are unable to reach agreement regarding property and/or child custody, the District Court will set a trial. Jury trials in dissolution cases are not allowed in Montana, and your assigned Judge will determine all outstanding matters in your case. We are experienced in taking dissolution proceedings to trial for our clients, when necessary. We are also skilled in negotiating settlement agreements to spare our clients the pain and expense of a trial.

5. Decree of Dissolution. When a case is settled, or at the end of a trial, the District Court Judge will issue a Decree of Dissolution, and the divorce is finalized.

missoula divorce attorney“I’m Lucy Hansen, a Missoula divorce attorney born and raised in Montana.

I’m committed to helping my clients navigate difficult times and achieve the best possible results for themselves and their families.”


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Marty and Vinnie knew the answers to my questions and really put me at ease. Lots of other law offices were not interested in my case and wouldn’t even meet with me. Judnich Law Office met with me right away and was able to help.” — Jen C.

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When involved in a contested divorce, or even after a divorce has been settled, remember that your children come first.

Our divorce attorneys and family law experts can help you create a parenting plan or child custody arrangement that works for you.

Child Support

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In Montana, child support payments are calculated by a formula established by state law. Your divorce attorney can help you calculate the amount you’re owed– or an amount that you could possibly owe.

If your children aren’t receiving the financial support they’re entitled to, we can help.

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Clients Trust Judnich Law

tana-re-family-law-testimonial“Lucy has defended us and represented us in a manner that has left us speechless. To say she is a great attorney seems so small and unworthy of the praise she deserves. She took on a tough case that has been an emotional and ethical journey that will never be forgotten. The fierce fighter you have in Lucy serves not only us well, but anyone she represents.

To have her in our corner is not only the best gift God has given us in this process, but reassures us that with her doing the job she does for people like us, that this world is a better place because of people like her.

We are so thankful for her and all of your staff. Cases may come and go, but to us, Lucy has become a member of our family – sharing the hardest time of our lives – and helping us get through it. All the money in the world can’t buy the sincerity of her kindness, dedication and actions of pure love on our case – that’s just who she is – and for that we are truly thankful.

We would recommend her to anyone in Missoula. She is one in a million, a bright star that shines beyond measure. Lucy is our diamond and we know your firm treasures her like we do.”

— Tana & Rob Re

Heather Jenner Family Law TestimonialI have used Judnich Law Office twice in the past three years. First, Vinnie represented me for an auto accident claim. At four months pregnant, the stress of the auto accident was not something my body could take on. It was such a blessing to have Vinnie handling the medical payments and talking with the adjusters so I could focus on getting treatment and being a new mom.

Then, almost a year later I hired Lucy to help me with a parenting plan and custody issue for my daughter. A new job was taking me out of state and my daughter’s father was not adhering to the original parenting plan and now fighting me for full custody. I needed help with mediation, court paperwork, and most importantly having my daughter’s needs met.

Thanks to Lucy and her team, I had people who were fighting for my daughter’s rights rather than fighting for paternal rights. To have someone willing to fight when you have been told there is nothing you can do was a relief.

When all was said and done I was allowed to take the new job, better provide for my daughter, and further my career. I could not thank Judnich Law Office enough for giving me peace of mind and giving me my life back.

— Heather Jenner

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