In Montana, our office can assist those that have been convicted of a Montana Felony offense and are currently serving out a probationary sentence. There are procedures within the Montana Department of Corrections and the office of Probation and Parole for the early discharge of any felony sentence. Our office provides the service and experience to accomplish this goal.

Every case is different and comes with specific challenges for early discharge from a probationary sentence. However, our office has had great success in accomplishing this goal for our clients. The first step is to speak with the probationers Probation Officer and obtain their opinion of consent to such a petition. From there, our office maneuvers through the paper trail and jurisdictional challenges to this criminal justice procedure.

Some convictions require an offender to comply with registration as a sexual and/or violent offender registry. This requires them to register their home address that is public. After a certain amount of time has passed from the conviction,  such an offender may petition the Court to be removed from the requirement of being a part of this registry and having a public reference for their crime and where they live. Each case is unique so a consultation is required for these cases. However, we have had great success in accomplishing this goal for our clients.

If you are in need of these services or have a friend or loved one that would like to explore this possibility in Missoula, please have them contact our office for a FREE consultation on the subject.