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Mediation has soared in popularity due to its ability to achieve fair and lasting agreements. Most individuals and families can successfully resolve divorce, criminal matters and of course civil actions and other disputes using mediation. This means less time in court and a more effective final agreement.

The Judnich Law Office offers mediation services at our Missoula location. As meditation attorneys, we serve as an impartial third party to help people in conflict negotiate and resolve their disputes. The goal is to create a fair and durable agreement reflecting the needs and interests of all parties. We are also able to draft the legal documents the parties need out of our Missoula office.

Our mediation lawyers provide Mediation and Settlement Conference services for the following types of matters:

  • Child custody
  • Personal Injury
  • Divorces and domestic partnerships
  • General mediation

Family Law Mediation in Montana

Montana law requires both parents in a dissolution or other familial proceeding to attend a Settlement Conference (or mediation) prior to a final hearing. The lone exception is in cases of domestic violence, in which case the victim can opt out.

A settlement conference is an attempt to resolve all outstanding issues in your divorce or other family law case. During mediation, each party will be placed in a separate conference room with their own attorney (if they chose to use one). We will act as the “Settlement Master,” moving between the rooms and attempting to negotiate an agreement for everyone’s benefit.

As Settlement Master, we can assist in all aspects of a divorce or parental proceeding, including:

  • Marital Property Settlement Agreements, which distributes all assets and debts in a marriage.
  • Preparation of parenting plans addressing the care and custody of your children. Our Missoula office is equipped with Montana Child Support Guidelines software, allowing us the ability to assist in negotiating and preparing child support agreements.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediation ends in settlement the vast majority of times, making it a cost effective way to achieve satisfying results for both parties. Settlement also does away with the uncertainty and stress that trials bring.
  • People keep control over their lives by creating their own agreements rather than surrendering their power to lawyers and judges. Lawyers and other professionals can still offer advice during the mediation.
  • Because they craft their own customized agreements, people are far more satisfied with the terms. People can create unique agreements with creative ideas and solutions that are not available to a judge.
  • Mediation is focused on solving problems and building agreements. This allows those involved to mitigate the damage to a long-term relationship. This is especially important for divorcing couples who must co-parent their children after the divorce.

How Judnich Law Can Help You

Our mediation attorneys…

  • Listen carefully and compassionately. Both parties can voice their most important goals and needs of their family.
  • Help both parties understand and navigate the requirements and framework of the legal system.
  • Negotiate fair and lasting agreements.
  • Allow all parties to maintain dignity and integrity during very difficult emotional times.
  • Save our clients money by offering an alternative to lengthy trials.
  • Help you navigate conflict resolution in a way that minimizes damage to relationships.

We can help resolve disputes and make difficult transitions. Call us today to see if mediation is the best fit for you and your family.

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