Ravalli County Montana Treasurer Valerie Stamey goes on the offense!

Ravalli County often finds itself the subject of controversy when it comes to politics and/or County business. The latest incident deals with the problems experienced in the County Treasurer’s office. Recent holders of the post have found themselves in controversies over the staff, office, personal issues, ability to do the job, finding lost money and plain old getting the job done correctly. Ravalli County recently replaced the position with an applicant named Valerie Stamey. Under Stamey’s watch, the office has lost several long standing employees that have quit. Recently, Stamey drew attention when reports surfaced that she personally had a default judgment filed against her in South Carolina claiming she had cashed an $18,149 check two different times. Stamey responded to this information by holding an impromptu statement discourse on Tuesday where she read a statement essentially telling the County Commissioners to stay out of her private life, followed by her ending the statement and walking out of the room. Commissioners are considering an audit and investigation of the Treasurer’s office.