“Can I Relocate When a Parenting Plan is In Place?”

Relocating With a Parenting Plan

There are many reasons why a parent may wish to relocate:

  • Better job opportunity
  • To get as far away from their ex as possible
  • To be closer to family support

But if you have a parenting plan in place, relocating isn’t as easy as booking a plane ticket or packing your stuff into a moving van. Often, a parent must take legal action to relocate or move children away from the other parent.

In Montana, state family law says that before a parent can relocate a child (who was previously named in a Montana State parenting plan) outside of the school district where the child currently resides, the relocating parent must give notice of the intended relocation to the other parent.

The non-relocating parent then has the opportunity to contest the relocation, which is where things can get tricky. Ultimately you are asking a judge to “OK” the removal of a child or children from their established life and routine to a new and unfamiliar situation. Successfully making this argument often requires the help of an attorney who can be an advocate for your position.

Are you thinking about relocating with your child?

Relocating With Parenting Plan

At the Judnich Law Office, our family law experts can advise and represent you.

If you’re seeking to relocate with your child, an experienced lawyer can make sure that your intended relocation is processed according to the law. They can also be there to advocate on your side to help the judge understand your reasoning for wanting to move.

Without the help of a lawyer, the legal system can be brutal and unfair. Making a significant change in your life and your children’s lives is serious business and shouldn’t be left to chance. You (and your family) deserve to have the best professional help available.

Do you want to contest the possible relocation of your children?

Contesting Parental Relocation

Have you received notice that your ex intends to relocate? We can help you contest and prevent the relocation of your children, or negotiate an alternative parenting plan that’s best for your children.

Just like one parent can request a relocation, the other parent has every right to be opposed to the relocation. Uprooting children from their lives and established routines isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. We can help.

You deserve the expertise of a professional that knows the law and how to prevent relocation under Montana state law.

Our Montana family law attorneys are highly experienced and have a proven record of success in all types of child relocation cases. These cases often involve custody disputes, and ultimately can result in child custody modification and support cases.

Every step of this process can impact other areas of your family situation, which is why it is so important to accomplish your goals the right way the first time.

How to choose the right family law lawyer

Judnich Law Family Lawyers

When contesting or requesting parental relocation, you don’t need just any family lawyer. You need the right family lawyer. The Judnich Law Office family law lawyers have successfully represented many clients in relocation actions, as well as opposed relocation efforts.

Having represented both sides of this issue gives us the insight you will need to be successful in your efforts. If you are the primary residential parent of your child and intend to relocate your residence, or if you are a parent who has received a notice of an intended relocation, we invite you to contact our office for an appointment to discuss your rights and determine your best course of action.

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