It Doesn’t Have To Be A Battle

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You’ve probably heard attorneys say things like, “I’ll fight for you,” or “I offer aggressive representation.” And many people believe that’s what an attorney should do. But here’s a secret most attorneys won’t tell you: … Read More

What is Cooperative Family Law

Cooperative Family Law is a unique process developed by the Judnich Law Office, designed to take as much of the stress and time out of family law as possible. For those who are ready and … Read More

Is Your Marriage Over? What to Do

Are you living separately from your spouse but haven’t filed for divorce yet? Do you believe the marriage is over regardless of what your spouse thinks? Are you concerned that filing for divorce could cause … Read More

How to get a prenup in Montana?

Sitting down with an attorney to sign a premarital agreement may sound like the least romantic thing you could possibly do before getting married. But it may actually be one of the wisest things you … Read More