DUI Specific Training and Experience of Judnich Law Office

What Makes the Judnich Law Office attorneys stand out from other Montana DUI attorneys?

Training and Experience

Every Judnich Law Office Attorney has Enrolled and Completed the Law Enforcement Standardized Field Sobriety Test Training in DUI Detection by NHTSA


Martin Judnich:
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Training

Every law enforcement officer who performs DUI stops and investigations must complete the student training course offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  This course teaches the correct protocol for DUI detection and standardized field sobriety testing.

aapda icon Martin Judnich Esq. completed the Student course as well as the Instructor course in order to learn exactly how law enforcement officers are trained. Every other attorney at the Judnich Law Office have also completed these courses and trainings to better defend our clients. Our team can see the mistakes officers make in DUI investigations that other lawyers may overlook. Our team puts that experience to work for our clients and obtain great results.

As a result of our training, we have helped our clients:

  • Exclude improperly collected evidence from their DUI cases
  • Identify inexperienced officers or those without qualified or out of date training
  • Identify when an officer is not administering a test correctly
  • Identify when an officer is not grading the performance of a test correctly
  • Win DUI trials by showing that officers didn’t strictly follow NHTSA standards, or gathered evidence illegally.

Only an experienced DUI defense attorney with this training has this knowledge and knows how to use it for their clients.

Advanced NHTSA Instructor Training

In October, 2016, Martin completed the next level of NHTSA training; a qualified Instructor in Standardized Field Sobriety Test training.
By completing this course, Martin is qualified as an instructor or expert witness for the NHTSA Student course-- the same training program that all law enforcement officers must complete to learn DUI enforcement and investigations.

It also means that Martin has received more training in NHTSA accredited DUI detection than most police officers.

If your DUI defense attorney is authorized to teach officers how to properly conduct DUI investigations, then he certainly knows how to point out when they don't follow their training and make investigation mistakes.

This puts Martin head and shoulders above any other DUI defense attorneys in Missoula and the state of Montana.

Experience in Breath and Blood Test Evidence

Our team have also completed Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI case training which focuses on the scientific aspect of breath and blood collection and testing. Montana law enforcement agencies use the Intoxilyzer 8000 & 9000 breath test unit to collect and analyze breath evidence in DUI cases. The Montana Crime Lab utilizes a Gas Chromatograph to analyze blood in DUI investigations.

Specialized training and experience has resulted in the exclusion of breath and blood test evidence in cases where protocols were not followed and evidence was tampered with. Only with an in-depth understanding of the science and machines used in law enforcement, can your defense attorney begin to identify problems with test and potential errors in the results. This experience allows him to understand the drawbacks, contamination, improper collection and other problems that can help get alcohol and drug test results thrown out of evidence. When this happens, cases get dismissed.

Before you decide on your next DUI defense attorney, see if they stack up to anywhere near the training and experience of a premier DUI defense attorney .

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