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Charged with DUI? Possessing or manufacturing drugs? More serious crimes? Were your rights violated? Do you have a legal issue to be brought before a judge? We can help.

Criminal defense law covers everything from representing individuals before they are charged, though the sentencing and appeals stages. Criminal charges can range from minor traffic offenses up to deliberate homicide. Our firm represents people in need of help from all ranges of seriousness. Retaining an attorney when someone knows that criminal charges against them are being reviewed can often result in beneficial results in many areas such as pre-arranging bail, pre-arranging appearing in court as opposed to being arrested, as well as discussion of the charges being reviewed. If you know criminal charges are being considered against you or someone you know, call us for a free consultation to discuss the options.

Being charged with a criminal offense is often a new and confusing experience. Most people have no idea what to expect when they are charged or what to do. Our firm will explain the process to you and navigate you through the legal process so that the best possible outcome can result in your case. Above all – do not speak to anyone without an attorney present. Representation includes assistance in reducing bail, arranging court appearances and scheduling, potential referrals for expert analysis such as chemical dependency, as well as legal research into the investigation of a case to determine if law enforcement followed the law or violated an accused’s rights. Our initial legal consultations are free of charge, but can help you greatly.

Every case and every charge is unique, and as a result, every client that we represent has a case that is handled differently than any other. Our firm takes the time to evaluate what the best course of action is for you and what strategies we may take to accomplish that goal. In criminal defense, you get what you pay for, so investing in a criminal defense attorney retainer is an investment in your liberty and your future. We strive to maintain consistent client contact and answer any questions you may have. Our attorneys are always available via email for questions or in office consultations.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a serious criminal offense, take the time to explore your options to make sure you are confident and comfortable with the serious choices you may have to face. Our years of experience in the criminal justice field and our history with law enforcement often lead to excellent results for our clients.

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