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Personal Injury law deals with individuals that have been seriously injured due to the fault of someone else, and the insurance issues that relate. Typically this involves an automobile collision where one party is at fault and may or not be insured. Significant physical and emotional injuries can not only cause you physical pain, but can keep you out of work, can damage relationships, can affect child care and supervision and generally cause a drastic change in your life. All of these problems must be compensated by the responsible party in the only way we can compensate someone in such a case, by monetary compensation for that pain and suffering. Navigating these complexities and ensuring you get the full value of your claim can only be accomplished with the assistance of an experienced attorney on your side.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money – not giving it to injured people. Don’t let their expensive commercials fool you. The vast majority of clients that we see have grown so frustrated at an insurance company, they feel hiring an attorney is the only thing they can do to stop the insurance companies from being unfair. The sooner an attorney can assist you with your injury claim, the sooner you can stop worrying about the insurance company. Once represented by an attorney, the insurance company cannot contact you directly, and must only contact your attorney.

People often ask us to tell them how much their case is “worth” shortly after an accident. The reality is that a competent attorney cannot answer that question at that time. Every case is different, and the ultimate monetary value of a complete claim is a very complicated process that we can only evaluate over time and to the point of reaching injury improvement to pre-crash status. Only when a person has recovered from their injuries can an attorney begin to compare the potential value of an injury claim in a specific case. Many variables such as significance of injury, length of treatment, prior injuries, amount of care, comparable jury verdicts and many other factors all are considered when valuing what adequate compensation an injured party is entitled to.

Being in the business of injury insurance law, we can ensure you are having the correct insurance company paying your bills in the right order. In most cases, our clients have inadvertently made an error in how to process their claim. Often areas of insurance money are available to injured people that they simply are not aware of. This knowledge can frequently gain clients tens of thousands of dollars that they would have completely missed out on without an attorney.

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