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Negligent Death Missoula, MT

Having a loved one or friend pass due to the negligence of another involved in a vehicle crash is one of the most difficult situations in life to deal with. This is compounded when a death is due to another driver’s fault. Thoughts of sadness and anger are a normal human tendencies when something like this happens. The Judnich Law Office is here to help the families and friends of those tragedies. With a history of experience and understanding in these specialized types of cases, the Judnich Law Office ensures that all insurance issues are resolved and the estate of the loved one is looked after. Loss of life coupled with endless telephone calls from insurance companies, law enforcement, medical providers and the like can be difficult to deal with. Allowing an attorney to assist you with those matters is often vital to recovery.

The Judnich Law Office can help by stopping the phone calls, and allowing you time and peace to grieve and to understand your legal options. A negligent death at the hands of another driver or entity is a special civil claim in the state of Montana, and one that must be handled with the utmost care. The survivors of these tragedies have claims that require personal attention and care. If you, or someone you know has suffered a loss such as this, please contact our office for free advice and understanding.

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