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Are you currently serving felony probation in Montana and want to end your probation early and not have to report, test, meet, and deal with your probation or parole officer any further? Lawyers at the Judnich Law Office in Missoula can help.

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What is conditional discharge of Probation in Montana?

Conditional Discharges is the formal way of saying Ending Felony Probation Early ordered by the Sentencing Court, in both State and Federal Courts. Under Montana State law, a person serving probation for a felony may be eligible to have their sentence ended early. This is a legal process where the Sentencing Court agrees to end probation early and the rules of probation would no longer apply to you. 

Completing the process is a great way to start moving on with your life and putting your past behind you.

Be aware that only felony convictions are eligible. If you’re servicing probation for a misdemeanor, it can’t be discharged under this law. Parole can technically also be discharged early, but that is a separate process before the Parole Board.

Why seek a conditional discharge?

Stop paying for supervision fees

No more meeting with your probation officer

No more searches, tests, and hassles

Become free from probation altogether


What’s required?

Completing conditional discharge of your probation requires the filing of a legally persuasive petition meeting all legal requirements to the sentencing court. Following this petition, the court will consider:

  • Your risk level - Low Risk is preferred. Different Risk Levels have different time calculations.
  • Completed probation time - Once you have completed at least 9 months of probation - Most are eligible.
  • Support from your probation officer - We need your PO to be able to advise the Court of their support for the Petition. Without this, it is difficult to succeed.
  • All Court & probation fees are paid - You must have everything paid and up to date. 
  • Revocations - even if you have had a Revocation or administrative sanction while on probation, you may still be eligible. 

If successful, the court will terminate your probation early and you will no longer be on any type of probation.

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Conditional Discharge Attorney Martin Judnich, Esq.

“I’ve seen too many people try to petition the court on their own — and fail,  or they choose inexperienced lawyers who don’t know the process. The Courts take this very seriously and it must be done correctly to be granted”

We have successfully petitioned District Courts across Montana and allowed our clients to be discharged early from probation hundreds of times. The key is knowing the law and filing the appropriate petition before the court. 

We know how to be successful with these petitions, and we can help you too. We are at almost 100% success for Conditional Discharge Petitions being granted for our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does conditional discharge cost? Do you offer payment plans?

Typically our firm requires a retainer fee up front to accept a case. Typically a $2,550- $3,000 retainer payment is required for this service from our conditional discharge montana lawyers. In some cases, other factors may affect this price. When we learn more about your case we’ll be able to give you a more accurate quote.

Our firm does not accept partial payments. However, we accept a variety of payment options including credit card, PayPal, and others.

How long will the process take?

Typically Conditional Discharge is granted within 60-90 days after our Petition is filed. 

I don’t know if I can get time off work. Will I have to go to court myself?

Usually, no hearing is required, so we don't go to court. Paperwork filed with the court is all that is required. However, there is always the possibility that any Court could Order we attend a hearing, but it rarely is more than 1 hearing. Often we can be granted permission to appear for these hearings via Zoom. 

Is it guaranteed that I'll win? What happens if I lose?

We can never guarantee an outcome for any kind of case. However, we have filed hundreds of Conditional Discharge Petitions in Montana and we have seen success rates in the 90+% for this process. But if a judge decides to deny a petition, they usually give us a reason. That allows us to re-petition at a later time with the information they want - and then be successful for you. 

Can’t I or my PO do this on our own?

Our firm wants to see people succeed, which means you have to know what you are doing. We have seen pro se folks not petition the court correctly and really hurt their chances. Likewise, most probation officers are no longer allowed to file these petitions due to internal policies with the DOC in Montana. 

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