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For over 13 years, our attorneys have been committed to providing the best family law, divorce and child welfare services in Montana. We act in the best interest of you and your family, whether that means negotiating a fair settlement, or following through with a contested trial.

What is Family Law? Family Law covers many legal issues like: Divorce, annulment of marriage, legal separation, creating or modification of parenting plans,  prenuptial agreements, paternity, legal name changes, guardianship, adoption and several other important areas involving families. For a better idea of legal terms and to research what you may be looking for visit our explanation of family law terms page.

We’re fundamentally interested in using our skills and experience as family law and divorce attorneys in Missoula MT, to help people during some of the most challenging times in their lives.

We understand the stress and anxiety you may be feeling, the challenges you’re facing, and we are here to help you and be on your side. We offer excellent family law services at reasonable rates that you can afford. You need to consider your family, your children, your finances, and your future. We will help you navigate this challenging journey.

Do You Need To Hire a Family Lawyer?

The end of a marriage, the breakup of a family, or the fear of losing the care and custody of your children are among the worst times in a person’s life. Protecting our clients’ interests and advocating for their needs is rewarding to us at the Judnich Law Office. Ask yourself this question – if you needed a surgery, would you perform it yourself, or would you hire a doctor? Of course you would hire a doctor. So why would you try to handle complicated and important legal issues such as marriage, money and children by yourself and without an attorney to advocate for you? Our firm understands your concerns and needs and we work with you to achieve your goals. Children are our most valuable asset, so ensure you are protecting them and yourself and invest in an experienced family law attorney and firm such as ours to ensure it is done right the first time, and you are not spending increased time and money down the line to fix mistakes you could make without an experienced attorney. 

We get to know our clients, their fears, and their wishes for the future. We value our relationships with clients and work to achieve the best possible outcome for their lives. We don’t ignore your calls or your needs and we have the experience in this specific area of law to get the results you need. We are also parents, and know first-hand, what is at stake in a family law case.

You need an advocate for your rights. That’s why you need to hire a family lawyer without delay. 

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Recent Family Law Cases:

Alesha S. – Dissolution and Temporary Order of Protection issues resolved in client’s favor in 1 hearing.

Stephanie A. – Multi-million dollar estate with multiple businesses and properties resolved to client’s satisfaction.

Sheryl H. – Awarded default judgment against husband, and prevailed in client’s favor.

Chris C. – Dissolution granted and custody and maintenance awarded in client’s favor.

Jonathan B. – Dissolution granted, property, business and child issues successfully granted in client’s favor.

What We Do

Our process is simple: we listen to you and provide you with the best legal representation available. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the fundamental philosophy of the family law practice at Judnich Law Office.

We encourage you to contact us for a no obligation consultation. Share your story and concerns with us and we’ll help you to understand your options and how you may wish to proceed. Our consultations are always confidential, even if you don’t hire us.

We’ll answer all of your initial consultation questions at no charge if you retain us.

At Judnich Law we’re experienced in a variety of family law specialties, including: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Visitation, and Child Support, to name just a few. Keep reading to learn more about our areas of expertise.

How We Can Help You


DivorceA divorce, also known as a dissolution of marriage, isn’t just the end of your marriage. The results of your divorce can impact the rest of your life, your ex-partner’s life, your living situation and your children’s lives. Divorce can be a confusing, stressful, and contentious process, especially if you and your spouse don’t see eye-to-eye. Having an advocate fight for your interests will ensure you do things the right way the first time and can move on feeling assured you are protected and have received everything you deserve.

No matter how simple and amicable the end of your marriage may seem, you need a lawyer to look out for your rights. Basic issues exist for any divorce such as debt, assets, loans, real estate, life insurance and others that you need an attorney to help you negotiate the division of these issues. As a divorce proceeds, other issues emerge including spousal support (alimony), division of significant assets, and child custody, visitation and child support. Some of these issues are time sensitive, so if you are considering a divorce, contact us to discuss your options.

Child Custody, Child Visitation, & Child Support

Smiling KidIn any divorce that involves children, it is the children’s well-being that is most important. At Judnich Law Office we represent parents involved in child custody, child visitation, and child support disputes and changes. We can help negotiate agreements between parents or if no agreement can be reached we will fight for your rights in court before a judge.

Child support calculations have guidelines that must be considered and our office can help you rest assured that your children are receiving everything they are supposed to be receiving. In addition to child custody disputes between parents, we represent parents who are facing an investigation by the Department of Family Services, as well as parents whose children have been removed from their custody.

We will work with you to assure the courts that you are the best parent for your children, and do everything possible to ensure the best placement for your children.

Guardian ad Litem Services

We can act as a Guardian ad Litem in Missoula, Ravalli, and Lake Counties.

Guardian ad Litems are appointed by the Court, and/or by the agreement of the parents to:

  • Investigate a child[ren]’s circumstances
  • Advocate on behalf of the child
  • Make recommendations regarding both temporary and final parenting plans that will best meet the child’s best interests

Other Family Law Specialties

Family law is more than divorce and child custody, however. Our attorneys at the Judnich Law Office can represent you in a variety of family law situations and conflicts, including:

Adoptions, Step-Parent Adoptions, & Second Parent Adoptions

Adopted ChildWe help facilitate a variety of adoptions, including both contested and uncontested– when biological parents relinquish their parental rights. We also work with step-parents who are looking to adopt their stepchildren.

We work with all parents, including LGBT couples looking to secure parental rights for their families. Depending on the type of adoption you’re involved in, we can help you work with the Department of Family Services or a private adoption agency.

If you have any questions about any kind of adoption proceedings, get in touch. We’ll answer your questions, free of charge.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement helps engaged couples protect the property and finances they are bringing to their marriage. A prenuptial agreement can cover each party’s rights to owned or shared property, how assets will be divided up in the case of divorce or death, and any other matters related to a couple’s assets.

We can help you negotiate a prenuptial agreement, as well as review any prenuptial agreement that you’ve been asked to sign.

Legal Separations



In Montana, prior to filing for divorce, spouses must live separately for at least 180 days. A legal separation can be used as precursor or alternative to filing for divorce. The main difference is that a legal separation does not end your marriage. It does, however, prevent you or your spouse from marrying anyone else.

Some spouses may prefer a legal separation instead when their marriage is stressed but are not certain they want to file for divorce. We’re available to help you file for a legal separation or answer any questions you have about legal separations in Montana.

While these are the most common areas of our family law practice, we’re also available to counsel you on issues related to:

  • Restraining orders
  • Annulments
  • Domestic disputes
  • Grandparent’s Rights & Custody
  • Paternity
  • Legal name changes

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testimonialI cannot recommend Judnich Law Office and Nathan Hulling enough. The Office staff is incredibly attentive, personable and professional. Questions are always met with a warm, timely and knowledgeable response. Attorney Nathan Hulling’s ability to recall the details of my case at a moments notice and make me feel at all times that I was his only currently retained client was not only very impressive but also deeply appreciated. Nathan saw my case through with unwavering professionalism and most importantly to a just outcome.”

— Diana Funk

testimonialLiving out of state my wife and I were concerned about whether our legal matter would be handled well. We are astonished by how easy working with Judnich Law Office was. Brandi Greer was always prompt to reply to our questions and concerns. We recommend Judnich Law Office for your legal needs knowing they are committed to helping their clients navigate issues of law.”

— Joe Dupuis

testimonialIt was unfortunate I found myself in need of a lawyer and to me it’s a little nerve-racking picking one, I went with Judnich law from a recommendation, it was a good pic. The receptionist was polite and professional and put me at ease the beginning. I was assigned Misty as my lawyer. Misty also put me at ease right away. From the beginning Misty spelled out my options and consequences of those options very clearly allowing me to make the right choice. Lastly billing was more than fair. I highly recommend Misty Gaubatz and the Judnich law office.”

— Vince Wardle

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