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You’ll do anything for your children. You only want what’s best for them. Sometimes that means asking for the help you need when you need it most. At the Judnich Law Office, our family law attorneys are here to answer your questions and represent you in matters regarding child custody and parenting plans in Montana.

Let us fight for your rights and the rights of your children. Keep reading to learn more about how we approach the challenging topics of child custody and parenting plans– or contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Parenting Plans in Montana

Creating a Parenting Plan

If you have children with your spouse and are planning to file for divorce or in the middle of the divorce process, you’re required to file a proposed parenting plan. According to Montana state law, this parenting plan must:

  • Protect and preserve the best interests of the child(ren) involved
  • Include provisions for physical care of the child(ren) involved
  • Maximize the child(ren)’s emotional health and minimizing exposure to parental conflict
  • Plan for the future wellbeing and care of the child(ren) involved as they grow and their needs change
  • Allow the child(ren) involved to maintain an appropriate relationship with each parent
  • Outline the responsibilities and authority of each parent
  • Contain an agreement for resolving any potential dispute that helps parents avoid any unnecessary court appearances and expenses

As you can see, creating a parenting plan requires a lot of planning, thought, and effort. The process can be especially challenging because of the other stress you might be feeling. An experienced family law attorney can make the process more efficient and help you achieve a better result than if you were to go it alone.

Once you file your proposed parenting plan, the District Court will issue an order for child custody, visitation, child support, and any other matters related to your children. Your lawyer can help you understand this order and represent you in court if needed.

Amending a Parenting Plan

If you have a parenting plan in place, there may come a time when it needs to be amended or altered. Perhaps you are getting remarried or moving out of state for a new job opportunity. The family lawyers at the Judnich Law Office can help you amend your parenting plan. Then they will make sure that you have an advocate that is looking out for your rights and the best interests of your children in court hearings.

When it comes to child custody and parenting plans, the value of an experienced family lawyer can be priceless.

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Marty and Vinnie knew the answers to my questions and really put me at ease. Lots of other law offices were not interested in my case and wouldn’t even meet with me. Judnich Law Office met with me right away and was able to help.” — Jen C.

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Do you need the help of an experienced divorce attorney in Missoula Montana? The family lawyers at the Judnich Law Office can help.

We can help you file for a Dissolution of Marriage, negotiate the tough decisions that need to be made throughout the process, and finalize your divorce.

Child Support


In Montana, child support payments are calculated by a formula established by state law. Your divorce attorney can help you calculate the amount you’re owed– or an amount that you could possibly owe.

If your children aren’t receiving the financial support they’re entitled to, we can help.

Contact Judnich Law Office. We’re On Your Side.

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Clients Trust Judnich Law

Heather Jenner Family Law Testimonial I have used Judnich Law Office twice in the past three years. First, Vinnie represented me for an auto accident claim. At four months pregnant, the stress of the auto accident was not something my body could take on. It was such a blessing to have Vinnie handling the medical payments and talking with the adjusters so I could focus on getting treatment and being a new mom.

Then, almost a year later I hired the firm to help me with a parenting plan and custody issue for my daughter. A new job was taking me out of state and my daughter’s father was not adhering to the original parenting plan and now fighting me for full custody. I needed help with mediation, court paperwork, and most importantly having my daughter’s needs met.

Thanks to the Judnich Law Office
team, I had people who were fighting for my daughter’s rights rather than fighting for paternal rights. To have someone willing to fight when you have been told there is nothing you can do was a relief.

When all was said and done I was allowed to take the new job, better provide for my daughter, and further my career. I could not thank Judnich Law Office enough for giving me peace of mind and giving me my life back.

— Heather Jenner

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