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Marty Judnich, Esq., President

  • 20+ years of legal experience as a DUI lawyer
  • Former criminal prosecutor
  • Extensive DUI trial experience and training
  • Instructor level training in NHTSA DUI techniques

Advanced Training:

  • NCDD Advanced Course in Blood Analysis, University of Arlington, Texas
  • LaPierre & Associates NHTSA SFST Instructor Course
  • NCDD Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI Cases
  • LaPierre & Associates NHTSA SFST Student Course

Marta Farmer, Attorney

  • 15 years of experience in family law
  • Former prosecutor
  • Practices family law and family law mediation

Advanced Training:

LaPierre & Associates NHTSA DUI Investigation and SFST Student Course

Facilitative Mediation

Kimberly Durham

Kimberly Durham, Attorney.

Over 15 years Legal experience

Criminal Defense &

Family Law Focus

attorney with certificate Certificate

Eric Peabody, Attorney

  • 6 years of legal experience
  • Practices family law and criminal defense law
  • LaPierre & Associates NHTSA SFST Student Course
  • Successfully Defended and Dismissed DUI cases.
Sterling Fitzwater DUI lawyer Bozeman

Sterling Fitzwater, Attorney

National Guard

Focusing on Criminal Defense &

Family Law

Why Choose Judnich Law for Your Montana DUI Defense?

Wondering what the differences are between attorneys that may "handle" DUI defense case, and what attorneys that focus their practice almost exclusively in DUI defense is? Click HERE to uncover the top 5 tips to evaluating a potential attorney to ensure they know what they are doing in properly defending a DUI charge.

Looking to hire the best possible DUI defense attorneys in Bozeman, Missoula or throughout Montana? Look no further. Investing in your legal DUI defense is a wise choice, because driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious crime in Montana, and a DUI conviction can stay on your driving record for the rest of your life.

Here is a comprehensive review of the Court process from Arrest to Resolution in the DUI process. Help understand what to expect once you are arrested.

As DUI Lawyers based in Bozeman and Missoula, we understand this is a stressful and potentially expensive position to be put in. When you consider the consequences that any DUI conviction has upon the rest of your life, hiring the best possible DUI defense attorneys is the only thing to do. As the saying says - you get what you pay for. At the Judnich Law Office our Team of attorneys that focus specifically on DUI defense are some of the best trained and most experienced attorneys you can find. The extensive experience of the DUI defense attorneys at Judnich Law Office are more familiar with the justice system, the courts, plea bargain possibilities, and administration details than other attorneys and that results in better results for our clients.

So what is the difference between different Attorneys and law firms? A good way to think of this is - would you go to a foot doctor if you had to have gallbladder surgery? Of course you wouldn't. You would find a gallbladder specialist - and a very experienced one because a Foot doctor wouldn't know what they are doing.  The same goes for attorneys.  Not all Attorneys know what they are doing in Defending DUI cases. Very few focus their practice on it, like the attorneys at the Judnich Law Office do. Even fewer actually go get specialized training and education on cutting edge DUI defense tactics, strategies and experts.   Good news - we do.

Confused about the difference between a DUI charge and an Aggravated DUI charge? HERE is a detailed review of how an Aggravated DUI charge in Montana is very different from a standard DUI arrest.

Each of our attorneys is required to attend and complete the same DUI investigation training as police officers must complete. That means we know what to look for when they are making mistakes. Our attorneys also complete sophisticated training and education focusing on blood testing for alcohol and marijuana DUI cases so that we can understand crime lab testing and procedures, which is a huge benefit to our clients. This training and experience gets results, and it can for you too.

How Do We Defend You Against DUI Charges?

Defending someone accused of a DUI crime is a very difficult and specialized job that is NOT for an attorney that doesn't focus the majority of their practice on DUI Defense.

DUI charges always require complete knowledge of the NHTSA approved Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and DUI investigation techniques and if they were properly administered, scored and recorded per official officer training as well as extremely complicated issues surrounding breath tests, breath test refusals, search warrants and blood draw tests for alcohol. Only an experienced DUI attorney like our DUI Defense team have the experience to exclude these results from evidence and limit the ability of prosecutors to prosecute cases and increase the opportunity for successful plea negotiations.

Defending a DUI charge can be very different for different cases. Cases where a breath test is provided is defended differently than a case involving a blood test. Just as an example, did you know that the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests that you see on TV and are usually familiar with - only apply to alcohol cases - and don't apply at all to marijuana DUI or drug DUI cases? It's true, but only those that have the experience and knowledge to actually know that can help their clients out with that powerful information.  That is just one example of many technical and legal issues that come up in every DUI case. Our ability to identify and utilize those problems for the prosecution and law enforcement as well as our long standing relationships with the criminal justice system are how we make a difference for our clients.

Traditionally a success in DUI defense is an acceptable plea agreement to a non-DUI offense. It is rare and not a good expectation for DUI charges to completely be dismissed. Dismissal can occur on legal technicalities when officers or the crime lab make mistakes. Only the most experienced DUI defense attorneys can manage to find those issues and use them to your advantage. So Invest in your Defense.

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Challenging Blood & Breath Test Evidence

Only expert DUI defense attorneys with the right training and experience are qualified to defend DUI cases involving blood test and breath test results. Make sure you ask an attorney about their experience and training.

Blood Tests

The police may ask you for a blood test. You could voluntarily consent to a blood test — but why would you?

The results will be used against you at a trial. Law enforcement can even apply to obtain a warrant in some situations to FORCIBLY draw your blood against your will and use the results against you. The warrant process is complicated and can be grounds to have your blood testing results thrown out of evidence — if you have an experienced attorney that knows how to get that done.

Further, blood testing on Gas and Liquid Chromatography at the Montana State Crime Lab are extremely complicated. Only the best trained DUI defense attorneys actually know how the testing is done and how to catch errors in testing, sampling, and results generated by crime lab employees.

The Judnich Law Office DUI Defense team all stay up to date on training on these testing procedures and receive expert education on cutting-edge ways to fight DUI charges involving blood tests.

Breath Tests

During a DUI investigation, the police will usually request two (2) breath tests. The first is a preliminary screening performed on a Portable Breath Test (PBT) machine. The PBT is only used to help an officer determine if you should be arrested for DUI.

You have the right to REFUSE this test, and an officer must properly read you the Montana Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test Advisory before asking you to take this test. If you are arrested and taken to jail, the officer will ask you to take another breath test on an Intoxilyzer machine. You have the right to REFUSE THIS TEST. The officer must read you another Implied Consent Advisory before the test. If you refuse this test, your license will be suspended for 6 months in Montana.

An Intoxilyzer 9000 which is used in Montana utilizes infra-red technology to determine the presence and quantity of alcohol molecules.  There are mulitiple potential problems with this machine. Our DUI Defense team is one of the only attorneys that have had the Courts Order the Government to turn over the manuals to this machine to us, for our experts to use in defending our clients. This alone puts our team heads and tales ahead of any other defense attorney in Montana.

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Judnich Law Office Gets Results

State v. Matt C. TK-2018-3402
DUI Charges reduced to Reckless Driving

State v. Ben R. TK-2017-3251
DUI charges dismissed

State v. Cassidy S. TK-16-3209
Jury found our client not guilty of DUI charges

Sue McCay DUI Testimonial
"Marty was my attorney for a DUI, reckless driving, and refusing a breathalyzer test. I was impressed that he always answered my phone calls, and emails promptly. He made me feel that my case was of utmost importance to him, though I was aware that he had many other clients. He listened to my needs and concerns.

My main priority was to get my driving privileges restored, and he was able to accomplish this need by meeting with the prosecutor within days of my request. Marty is very knowledgeable, and very up to date with the intricacies of the law.

My DUI charge was reduced, and the reckless driving charge was dropped. He was able to arrange the minimum penalties for my reduced charge. Mr. Judnich is well respected in the legal community, and this is a great asset for his clients.

I do not hesitate to give Martin Judnich my highest recommendation. He is truly Missoula's best."

 Sue McCay

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