Insurance Company Bad Faith Claims

Did you know that laws exist in Montana specifically prohibiting Insurance companies from being unfair to you?

Most people do not know this- but we do. In Montana an Insurance Company must not only be fair to you, they must try to settle claims quickly and efficiently. They cannot lie to you or misrepresent insurance coverage or investigation. In addition, specific insurance cases in Montana have created a specific legal cause of action called "Bad Faith" that we attorneys can sue them for just because they have not been fair to you. These are powerful legal tools that can be used to punish insurance companies that exploit victims and do not compensate people fairly.

Even if you have already settled your injury claim with an insurance company, you may still have a claim against the company for Unfair Claims Practices or Bad Faith, so don't think just because you settled, that you have no options. Our office will be happy to review your case with you for FREE and determine if you have a claim that can still be pursued, even after you have settled.

We are ready to use these laws for you and get you what you deserve. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, please contact us for a free, no obligation, consultation to discuss your claim.

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