Med Pay Insurance Facts

The single biggest learning experience and regret that the majority of my personal injury clients have is either not having any, or not enough Medical Payment Insurance Coverage, or Med Pay. Med Pay is a coverage that you can purchase from your auto insurance agent. Med Pay is CHEAP!!! The reason you may not have it, or may not have much of it, is because insurance agents don’t make any money on selling this coverage. This coverage actually covers you, and the people you care about in your car.

Med Pay coverage pays for any related medical bill that you suffer if injured in a car accident. It does not matter if a crash is your fault, or the fault of another driver. If you have medical bills, this coverage pays for it. That is a very big deal when you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for a serious accident.

I would suggest having at least $25,000 in med pay coverage for you and your family. This should only cost a few dollars a month for any insurance company. Considering that this great coverage is cheap, but can really cover very serious medical bills, I consider it a must have. Every single client I have ever had, has wished they not only had med pay, but wished they knew this information and that they had as much med pay as they could afford.

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