Archery Agency and Contract Negotiation

Marty Judnich, Esq., of the Judnich Law Office offers specialized services of contract negotiation, review and acquisition for professional archers. Why does a professional archer need an attorney to review their contracts? For the same … Read More

How to Destroy Misdemeanor Criminal Records in Montana

  See If Your Convictions Can Be Expunged. Find out in less than 2 minutes: [button type=”flat” shape=”rounded” size=”large” style=”width: 40%; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” href=”/montana-expungement-eligibility/” title=”Get Started”]Check My Eligibility[/button] Do you have … Read More

Secrets Jurors in Montana Never Find Out

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Why Sober Drivers Can Fail Field Sobriety Tests

why sober people fail field sobriety tests

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What are Your Chances of Being Convicted for DUI?

Police Car DUI

If you’re reading this and you’ve been arrested for a DUI, stay calm. These are serious charges, but panicking won’t help. You’re probably wondering, “what’re the chances I’ll be convicted?” and “what will happen if … Read More